Establishment and Support of Modern Marketing Structures for the Fruit and Vegetable Sector

The project supported Romania’s efforts to restructure the fruit and vegetable production as well as appropriate marketing organisations in the course of the EU-entry in  2007. The services focused on efficient and larger enterprises, as well as on producer organization. The project supported the development of urban wholesale markets and the creation of a network of marketing institutions under inclusion of already existing street markets and other marketing organisations. The project covered all essential quality aspects of fruit and vegetable production and marketing „from field to fork“.

Services provided include:

  • Setting-up and institutional strengthening of 8 producer organizations within the fruit and vegetable sector.
  • Technical assistance to producers with regard to quality control, crop-planning, use of fertilizers and pesticides, residue control, business planning etc.
  • Design and implementation of training programmes for producers, local fruit and vegetable consultants, input suppliers, wholesale traders, investors, municipalities, local and district councils, chambers of commerce and the ANIMMC staff in the fields of food safety and European quality standards and systems, European market regulations, export promotion.
  • Support of quality management systems from “farm to fork” in line with EU and international standards ( Rapid Alert System for food and feed; control of contaminants; tracking & tracing; HACCP; GLOBAL GAP; EU VO 178/2002 and 852/2004 etc.).
  • Technical assistance and monitoring of construction, rehabilitation and improvement of wholesale, assembly and street markets, including feasibility studies.
  • Training of market management and market personnel in facility management, food safety and sanitary hygiene.
  • Setting-up of a management information systems, market information system and elaboration of marketing norms and concepts.
  • Promotion and support to the National Union of Wholesale Markets and of private-public networks between ministries, wholesale markets and consumer protection associations.