Employment Promotion Programme: Promotion of innovation in agricultural value chains (component 3) Phase I+II

The Project aims at improving the employment and income situation for young people in rural areas of Sierra Leone.

Major Outputs of the assignment:

  • A framework for promoting employment in the three value chains cocoa and coffee, rice in combination with cash crops in Inland Valley Swamps, and a third value chain to be identified is supported in the project area covering the district of Kono, Kailahun and Koinadugu.
  • In the selected value chains, young people increase their production.
  • Experiences and ‘best practices’ established under the previous EPP II programme for the promotion of youth employment in the cocoa and coffee and rice/cash crop value chains are scaled up.
  • Youth skills are strengthened for wage labor or self-employment in the selected value chains.
  • The implementation processes of the Action Plan on the National Employment Policy have been sustainably improved.
  • Status of disadvantaged young people in society is improved.