Economic and Employment Promotion in Serbia (Component Organic Farming)

The objective of the project “Economic and Employment Promotion” was to improve the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises in selected branches and regions.

The project component “Promotion of Organic Farming in Serbia” has been based on a participatory process - approach. Its objective was to deliver basic modules and incentives for a complementary setting-up of primary production, processing and trade, market penetration, research, (further-) education and public relations. These modules and incentives were implemented both at the political level and at all steps of the supply chain.

Main results of the project are:

  1. Markets for organic products have been supported and enhanced.
  2. Partnerships between Universities in Germany and Serbia have been established and the topic “organic agriculture” is introduced in the academic education.
  3. Agriculture extension services offer qualified advisory on organic production.
  4. A national association on organic farming is working sustainable.

Type of Services provided:

  • Shared know-how on promotion of sustainable economic development.
  • Implementation of participatory marketing approach.
  • Institution building in terms of supporting association for organic farming.
  • Policy advice to Ministry of Agriculture regarding the future of organic farming in Serbia.
  • Organization of public awareness campaign.
  • Domestic and export market promotion.
  • Set up extension-system for organic agriculture.
  • Trained extensionists in matters of organic agriculture.
  • Developed and revised curriculum for university.
  • Organized study tours for Serbian market participants to Switzerland / Germany.