Consulting Services to the MEDT for the Implementation of the Rural Finance Sector Programme in Tajikistan


The objective of the Programme is to strengthen private sustainable financial institutions that provide financial services for micro and small enterprises (MSE) mainly in rural areas and outside of Dushanbe. The overarching developmental goal of the Programme is to contribute to the creation and stabilization of employment and income through deepening and broadening of the Tajik rural financial sector.

Specific objective:

  • An efficient, effective and transparent implementation of the Rural Financial Sector Programme.
  • The selection of qualified PFIs and training of PFI staff and management.
  • Recommendations on the establishment of an independent and sustainable revolving fund structure for the Programme.

Type of Services provided:

  • Assisted MEDT to devise and implement the Rural Financial Sector Program and to establish guidelines and policies for the operational management of the program according to best global practices, focusing on selection of appropriate partner financial institutions.
  • Provided recommendations to MEDT regarding the funding of 3-5 MFI partners following a comprehensive due diligence evaluation of the MFIs’ financial position and capabilities.
  • Developed and implemented advisory and training programs to expand the capabilities of the selected partner MFIs to carry out lending in rural areas of Tajikistan.
  • Provided recommendations as to how best to continue funding activities on a self-sustaining basis.