Consulting Services for Matching Grant Facility

Designed as a tool for the "One World - No Hunger" Initiative (SEWOH), the MGF is a complement to traditional approaches of the Technical and Financial Cooperaton. Indeed, to create more synergy between the two approaches, the German Ministry of Economy, Cooperation and Development (BMZ) requested the implementation of a funding grant called MGF (Matching Grant Fund), which is a funding and advisory tool from the KfW established mainly for the beneficiaries of technical assistance provided by the GIZ and from KfW credits, and which promotes exchanges between them.

Specifically, the MGF offers technical assistance focusing on financial management, solvency, and on the management for clients of GIZ projects, and especially to the Green Innovation Centres and for clients of LAFCo (KfW credit line for local agribusinesses).

The goal of Project is to initiate better relations between FIS and the agricultural sector, and to obtain more favourable credit terms without however tricking the market with subsidies.

Activities include

  • to define the eligibility criteria and the assessment guidelines
  • to develop a concept for technical assistance services and for the subsidies
  • to develop a cooperation, communication, and marketing strategy
  • to develop an operational process and procedures.
  • to manage the application procedure
  • to establish a Memorandum of Understanding with the concerned CT and CF projects to frame the KfW/GIZ/Consultant
  • to develop the proposed budget allocation for the operational phase
  • to manage in a general way the FGM grant
  • to deliver the two products of the MGF to the selected companies (AT and donations)
  • to cooperate with the Innovation Centres and LAFCo, in the same way as for other projects in the agricultural sector TC/FC.
  • to develop and present a yearly operational record.