Consulting services for the implementation of the rural financial services e-zwich project

The Project aims to Improve the access to financial services to the benefit of the rural population.

Activities to be provided

  • Develop a detailed procurement plan on the basis of which the procurement process for ATM and POS devices (incl. the respective consumables).
  • Tender and award of procurement and service contracts for ATM and POS devices (incl. the respective consumables) following KfW’s “Guidelines for Procurement of Goods, Works and associated Services in Financial Cooperation with Partner Countries”.
  • Provide procurement and service contracts for E-zwich Infrastructure according to international standards and the standards of KfW.
  • Accompany the installation of ATM and POS devices (incl. the respective consumables) in the Financial Institutions or Agents. This includes delivery, installation, commissioning and initial training of the respective staff.
  • Ensure the long-term functionality of the ATM and POS devices through the elaboration of detailed maintenance agreements and contract management.
  • Develop and implement a concept to assure a sustainable operation (e.g. cash management and logistics, uninterruptable power supplies/ UPS).
  • Approve that the Project-Executing Agency’s own investments in e-zwich Infrastructure are creditable against the counterpart funding.
  • Support GhIPSS in monitoring the Financial Institutions’ repayments under the revolving credit fund.