Capacity Building in Financial Services Management for the Kyrgyz Post Office

The Objective of the Project is to strengthen the KPO’s capacity in the commercial management of financial services, including further support in the building up of a business unit responsible for marketing management and business development, improving accessibility in providing financial services to the population and accountable for the achievement of the strategic objectives of KPO.

Activities include:

  • Capacity building in marketing management of basic, mass-market financial services, including, “know-your-client” tools, competitor analysis, market planning, business planning, financial targeting, relationship management, operations oversight, quality assurance, and risk management;
  • Supporting the new business unit for financial services;
  • Updated diagnosis of the performance of KPO’s current financial services, identification and review of current relationships, identification of potential new partners,
  • Preparation of a 3-year business plan as input for provision of financial services, improved financial management and business operations modernization;
  • Preparing, implementing, and evaluating pilot programs to improve existing financial services and to add new ones;
  • Identification of 10 new corporate  clients starting delivery of financial services via KPO
  • Training in marketing management of financial services, and in management of customer relationships with large institutions and in the provision of customer oriented service at the post offices.