Agrifinance Enhancement Programme: Biodiversity Financing Facility

The Agrifinance Enhancement Programme consists of two components, Agricultural Lines-of-Credit Component which is already being implemented, and a Biodiversity Investment Component. The financial contribution for the Biodiversity Component is foreseen to comprise funds for refinancing of selected biodiversity-friendly financing investments in the private sector in Uganda by the EADB (the “Biodiversity Financing Facility”). The biodiversity financing facility has received a grant for expert services and accompanying measures (the project) in order to ensure the biodiversity relevance and outcome of financed investments. The biodiversity financing facility will be open for funding investments in the fields of fisheries and aquaculture, organic agriculture, forests and protected areas, and sustainable tourism.

The Project-Executing Agency shall use the financial contribution for the refinancing of selected biodiversity friendly financing investments in the private sector in Uganda. The PEA shall channel the Biodiversity Investment Contribution to about 4 to 12 end-beneficiaries as local currency loans. The loan amount per individual investment shall range around 0.5-1.5 million Euro.

Provision of main types of services :

  • Project management and project planning
  • Design of a credit line for biodiversity-friendly investments
  • Facilitating technical and financial implementation
  • Management of the Disposition Fund Account
  • Public Awareness building