Agriculture Investment Fund

The objective of the project is to boost agricultural production and revenues in order to contribute to the improved food security of the target groups and in order to attenuate the consequences of increasing climatic variability.

Activities to be provided

Support processes for Fund Management

  • Preparation of fund budget and operational planning of the project
  • Tender management, preparation of contracts, technical monitoring of works and services
  • Financial monitoring of contracts, payments, preparation of audits
  • Management of relationships and communication with communes, technical services, and contractors
  • Coordination with donors and NGOs active within the Atacora-Donga.

Intervention Area 1: Land Tenure Security

  • Establishment of new cheaper and more rapid methods for establishing the rural cadastre (economic test, new procedure manual etc.)
  • Capacity building of local cadastre management structures
  • Establishment of PFR in 7 target communes
  • Support the establishment of a digital cadastre data bank

Intervention Area 2: Development of flood plains

  • Identification of target sites, technical studies and rehabilitation work (tenders, contracts, monitoring and control of work)
  • Construction of storage warehouses
  • Institutional and operational support to farmer organizations for the sustainable management of the infrastructures
  • Capacity building of flood-plain users with regards to irrigated agriculture, usage of inputs and marketing techniques
  • Capacity building of communes in order to ensure a longer-term monitoring and coherent strategy for the development of flood-plains

Intervention Area 3: Opening up access to rural communities

  • Rehabilitation and construction works on key roads using high labour intensity techniques
  • Capacity building of communes in their role as contracting authority for the maintenance of rural road networks.