Adaptation of agricultural value chains to climate chains (PrAda)

The objective of the programme PrAda is “to improve the performance of the actors of the selected agricultural value chains particularly vulnerable to climate change”. A broad definition is used regarding actors of agricultural value chains: all actors, from farmer producers to regulating authorities and agricultural research centres, are concerned.

In order to reach this objective, PrAda envisages multiple activities, grouped into three components:
Component I: to improve access to agro-meteorological and agricultural consulting services.
Component II: to improve the structural framework conditions to develop the agricultural value chains.
Component III: to improve access to insurance products against climate risks for value chain actors.

Services provided:

The objective of our services is to implement the component III.

  1. National consultation of public actors
  2. Consultation of actors in the insurance sector
  3. Analysis of the regulatory framework for insurance and possible adaptation to the specificities of climate insurance
  4. Development of climate insurance products and their distribution
  5. Financial education targeted to climate insurance
  6. Evaluation of risks in the value chains