Agriculture & Value Chain Finance

The agriculture and agribusiness sectors are key to ensuring food security for the continuously growing world population. In addition, agriculture is an important economic driver especially in emerging and developing economies. Agricultural value chain finance can play a key role to leverage efficiencies and enhance the quality along the agricultural value chain from production and post-harvest handling to processing, wholesale, retail, and support services such as storage and transport.

With decades of experience in the agricultural and financial sector, AFC is in a unique position to provide consultancy services that address the challenges at the heart of agriculture finance by:

  • providing capacity building activities and trainings to financial service providers engaged in agricultural and value chain finance; supporting the development (or improvement) of products, services, and delivery channels; and conducting institutional diagnostics to improve procedures and enhance efficiency.
  • providing services to support smallholder farmers and agricultural MSMEs, by offering a wide variety of trainings.
  • supporting governments and regulators in developing enabling environments for effective financial markets.
  • conducting studies of agricultural value chains and financing needs for donors and financial service providers.

On behalf of GIZ in Nigeria, we collaborate with commercial and microfinance banks, provide trainings on agriculture finance and financial literacy, and guide the development of financial services for agricultural actors with the overarching objective to improve access to finance.

Together with EIB in Moldova, we support the horticulture sector by modernising processes throughout the value chain by providing wider access to finance via intermediary banks and supporting local value chain actors in accessing international trade.

Our other recent experiences include projects in Togo, Nigeria, Madagascar, Rwanda, Malawi, Kenya, Zambia, Serbia, Tajikistan, Laos, and Papua New Guinea. Our clients include GIZ, KfW, EIB, ADB, WB, IFAD, and AATIF, among others.