Successful test of new agricultural finance training concepts


On behalf of GIZ, AFC is currently developing a new training approach in agricultural finance. At this stage, the training approach targets emerging farmers and small- and medium enterprises in the agricultural sector in Benin and Zambia. Based on inception missions, a training concept has been developed and has now been tested in both countries.

The training aims at capacity building of value chain actors towards comprehensive business and investment planning. An important element of the training is the active and prominent integration of financial institutions. Throughout the four test-trainings all stakeholders welcomed the exchange between value chain actors and financial institutions. At the end of the training, participants are encouraged to pitch foreseen productivity enhancing investments to partner financial institutions.  

The integration of an excel-based support tool in the training approach facilitates a structured comprehensive analysis of the current business situation and allows for a projection of impacts of future investments or strategic changes. The utilization of computer-based tools for business planning was especially appreciated among young entrepreneurs.

For more information please contact Nico Wilms-Posen