Promoting Georgia’s traditional clay pot wine production: Qvevri cluster


The preservation of Georgia's traditional wine fermentation method is the focus of a GIZ funded project implemented by AFC together with DLG Testservice. In Georgia, wine is traditionally fermented in clay amphorae, called Qvevris. The Qvevri pots are one of the oldest wine producing methods, and UNESCO has declared Georgian Qvevri wine to be a cultural heritage.

One intervention field in the project is the promotion of value chains. It foresees the establishment of a “Qvevri wine cluster”. The cluster’s objective is to facilitate joint activities of private Qvevri wine producers, including the clay pot manufacturers. By getting the pot manufacturers, the grape growers and wine makers to work together, the consortium will ensure that Qvevri wines meet international marketing requirements while keeping the traditional authentic mode of preparation.

The Qvevri cluster was announced by the National Agency for Public Registry on 26 February. The project will pave the road for a successful, professional promotion of the typical Georgian Qvevri wines. For further details, please contact