Production of extension videos for agriculture in Ghana


Over the past decade, Ghana has developed into one of West Africa’s most successful economies. However, agricultural producers and other actors involved in agricultural processing and trade on domestic and export markets still have a relatively low competitiveness. Small-scale farmers in particular lack resources and know-how in production and in accessing markets. In this context, the provision of cost-effective extension services for agricultural producers and other actors along the agricultural value chains is a key to raising the performance of the sector in an effective and sustainable manner.

Since 2009 AFC has been implementing the component “Strengthening of public and private sector service delivery” of the Market Oriented Agriculture Programme (MOAP) of GIZ in Ghana, which aims at strengthening the actors along selected value chains (mostly maize, mango, pineapple, citrus) in order to increase their competitiveness on national, regional and international markets.

AFC’s activities aim at strengthening the support services for agricultural production, in order to enhance yields, combat the spread of pests and reduce post-harvest losses. One important instrument to advance in this area is the use of new media to allow for an effective and efficient way of knowledge-sharing and mutual learning among producers, farm based organizations and public as well as private service providers. In this context, AFC supported the production of six short agricultural tutorial films, related to the reduction of post-harvest losses in maize, the enhancement of productivity in mango production, the control of fruit flies and mealy bugs and techniques to enhance soil fertility.

These agricultural tutorials are available at the Extension Platform of the Directorate of Agricultural Extension Services of the Ghanaian Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA) to which some 4000 public extension officers countrywide have access. Additionally the videos are available at Youtube, and can thus easily be accessed by individual farmers, farm-based organizations and all types of extension agents. Most of the tutorials are also available in Twi, the most important local language in Ghana.

For the English version, we provide the links below. Enjoy watching the clips!


„Well dried maize benefits all – Results from a pilot in Ghana“ (English)

Demonstrates the process of drying maize in a solar dryer. In only three days, maize is dried from about 24% to 14% of moisture. Pictures taken in Ejura District in Brong Ahafo Region.


„How to prune a mango tree“ (English)

Explains the principles of maintenance pruning of mango trees. Pictures taken on mango farms in Brong Ahafo Region.


„How to build a fruit fly trap“ (English)

Explains how to build a fruit fly trap with a plastic bottle, a pheromone (Methyl Eugenol) and an insecticide (Plan D).


„How to defeat the mealy bug“(English)

Explains the control of papaya mealy bugs (Paracoccus marginatus) with the help of Acerophagus wasps. These predators lay their eggs into the mealy bugs which kills them. The film demonstrates how the wasps are bred and multiplied for release in the orchard. Pictures taken on Tropigha Farms in the Volta Region.


„How to measure soil pH“ (English)

Explains the importance of the pH level for the availability of nutrients. Makes clear that too acid soils can be corrected by liming while too alkaline soils are brought to neutral by adding compost or sulphur. The second part of the film shows how to use pH indicator strips to measure soil pH. Presented by MoFA in Kpandu.


„How to make good, hot compost“ (English)

Explains the process of making good, hot compost from green leaves, woody material, rock phosphate and animal manure.


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