Mr. Talantbek Sakishev appointed as new Managing Director of CAI Consulting, Bishkek

Mr. Talantbek Sakishev has been appointed as new Managing Director of CAI Consulting in Bishkek. Mr. Sakishev is 46 years old, holds an MBA and has completed the Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program at Michigan State University, USA where he was chosen on account of his academic excellence, professional experience and leadership potential. He has broad experience in working for international organizations, governmental bodies as well as the private sector, where he held leading positions. Due to his strong academic and professional background Mr. Sakishev is familiar with the different cultural and social aspects in Asia, Europe and North America. Since its foundation in the year 2000, CAI Consulting ( provides services in the following fields of work: Private and Public Sector Development Agricultural, Rural and Environmental Development Infrastructure, Energy and Transport Development Education, Health and Social Development AFC is one of the shareholders of CAI Consulting since the year 2006 and cooperates in projects in the fields of agriculture, agribusiness and financial sector development in all Central Asian Countries. CAI Consulting has set-up offices in Bishkek, Dushanbe, Tashkent and has representatives in Astana and Ashgabat. Thus CAI Consulting is an interesting partner for cooperation in development projects in Central Asia. If you are interested to join forces with CAI Consulting, please contact: Talantbek Sakishev Managing Director CAI Consulting, Bishkek Contact person at AFC: Johannes Buschmeier Managing Director AFC Consultants International GmbH, Bonn