Food Security through Sustainable Growth – Farming with Limited Resources

This is the motto of the Global Forum for Food and Agriculture (GFFA) and the objective of the “Berlin Agriculture Ministers' Summit” and the “International Agriculture Ministers’ Panel Discussion” during the “International Green Week 2012”. Ministers of Agriculture from all over the world will use this platform to find joint answers, which are of vital importance for the future: feeding the rapidly growing world population. The emphasis twenty years after the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro will be on green economy and reduction of poverty. Agriculture is an essential component of these sustainability goals because it holds the key to sufficient and healthy food – a prerequisite for sustainable development in the 21st century. At the Cooperation Market, held on Saturday the 21st of January (9 – 15h), AFC Consultants International presents news and information from its on-going projects in Agriculture and Agribusiness. This will be a great opportunity to meet our partners from all over the world and to discuss potential new projects and ideas. If you are interested to learn more about AFC Consultants International and our worldwide job opportunities please don’t hesitate to contact Or visit us at ICC Berlin Vorraum Saal 2, Stand Nr. 2