AFC supports the use of solar powered irrigation pumps for vegetable production in Ghana


Sine 2009 AFC is supporting the GIZ “Market Oriented Agriculture Programme (MOAP)” in Ghana, by building the capacity of public and private service providers in the country’s southern and middle regions. With co-financing of the European Union, these activities have now been extended to the North-west. Here, a key impediment for year‐round production of high-value crops like vegetables is water availability. In this context, the utilization of solar‐powered irrigation pumps is an innovative and climate‐smart technology to ensure adequate water supply during the dry season. This enables farmers to generate higher income through off‐season production and selling at more favorable prices. A video produced about this work has just won the first price in the Changing Lives Video Competition for EU Funded Projects/Programmes in Ghana that was organised by the EU Delegation in Accra. To see the video, just click on

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