AFC has been selected by GIZ to implement Component III “Climate Risk Insurance” of the GIZ Project “Adaptation of Agricultural Value Chains to Climate Change (PrAda)”


Since 2017, GIZ is implementing the programme “Adaptation of Agricultural Value Chains to Climate Change (PrAda)” in Madagascar. The overall programme objective is to increase the productivity of the participating actors in the agricultural value chains particularly affected by climate change.

GIZ is implementing measures in three components:

  • Component I: The actors in the value chains obtain improved access to agro-meteorological and agricultural extension services. This enables production to be adapted to climate change;
  • Component II: The structural frameworks of the value chains, such as the organization and cooperation of actors, are improved. Access to equipment is facilitated, and the production techniques are adapted; and
  • Component III: Climate risk insurance schemes are introduced. This means that value chain actors can insure themselves against income losses due to climate and weather-related events.

Starting from July 2018, and for a duration of 20 months, the consortium of AFC Agriculture and Finance Consultants GmbH and Academy of German Cooperatives (ADG) will implement the third component and work towards supporting actors along the value chains having access to insurance products in order to strengthen their resilience to deal with the effects of climate change on their agricultural production amongst others.

All three components are linked to each other and the success of the program depends on an excellent coordination between all the stakeholders. The PrAda program and our team intends to intervene on all levels, e.g. on the level of the state actors (macro), insurance companies, umbrella organizations and other aggregators bringing together private sector players (meso) and finally individual producers (micro).

Our technical team, consisting of three local long-term experts supported by very experienced international and national short-term consultants will work towards achieving the project goals, with a kick-off workshop to be hold in early August 2018 in Antananarivo.

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