6th Financial Expert Day of the Strategic Partners AFC and ADG


As it has already become a tradition AFC and ADG invited their associated financial experts to the premises of Montabaur Castle on 10th and 11th of January 2014 in order to discuss new topics in the field of financial sector development and to exchange experience from different projects. The 6th Financial Expert Day offered an interactive forum to discuss the topic of “Management of Refinance and Guarantee Funds” with experts from all around the world in a friendly and familiar setting. AFC and ADG chose this topic because of its growing importance in financial sectors all over the world.

The event started with a short company presentation including news from AFC and ADG held by the Managing Director of AFC, Johannes Buschmeier, and the Head of the International Department of ADG, Rüdiger Meister. In addition to positive developments in turn-over and new in-house staff members, AFC and ADG also consolidated their market position in 2013 with a number of new projects especially in the fields of agricultural finance and green finance. As strategic partners AFC and ADG have already implemented more than 25 projects together.

Subsequently, Holger Christ from AFC gave an introduction into the basics of fund management and presented the case of the European Fund for Southeast Europe (EFSE). With a total portfolio of about EUR 800 million EFSE channels funds from both public and private investors to more than 130,000 end borrowers in Southeast Europe and neighboring countries. These end borrowers are micro and small enterprises who receive loans with an average size of around EUR 5,757. Thanks to its advanced structure as well as its capability to satisfy the different requirements and risk appetite of public and private investors EFSE has become a blueprint for many other responsible investment funds. Among the group of participants of the Financial Expert Day lively discussions quickly evolved around important topics such as governance and the market position of refinance funds in different regions.

In order to examine more closely the reality of fund management on the ground, Erika Bürkle and Jens Windel presented two additional case studies from projects implemented by AFC and ADG. In two respective working groups the participants developed recommendations that were based on lively discussions on relevant questions concerning the legal set-up, the governance structure, selection of partner institutions, risk management and marketing of refinance and guarantee funds.

Finally, participants exchanged suggestions for future cooperation in the field of financial sector development. This brainstorm revealed several fields of work with growing importance in which AFC and ADG already play an active role in. Please see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJVB1ozS80Y


The two day event significantly contributed to an increased awareness and knowledge about fund management with many insights from a practitioner’s perspective. Looking back on this successful event AFC and ADG would like to express their gratitude for the successful cooperation with their associated experts. For further details please contact: Lilian.Steinhä