Value Chain Finance Expert_Trade & Competitivness Expert Support Facility for Morocco and Tunisia

The overall Project, comprising the four countries (Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia and Morocco) is expected to enhance access to finance for approximately 4,000 SMEs and sustain some 30,000 jobs across the four countries.

The Project will provide access to finance to and improve competitiveness of local SMEs. It will support the Partner countries in the development of sustainable value chains in particularly relevant sectors, such as agri-food, agro-industry, textiles and manufacturing, services, tourism and others allowing them to offer attractive and EU-compliant products on the European market.

The main objectives are to:

  • Facilitate access to finance for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs), in the form of the Risk Sharing Facility through local intermediary banks to reach out to underserved companies with a focus on improving selected value chains;
  • Build capacity of FIs, final recipients, and local authorities to support the implementation of the Project;
  • Improve competitiveness of selected sectors and therefore prospects for trade. The Project will enable SMEs to benefit from trade openness with the EU.

Main responsibilities of the Value Chain Finance Expert are:

  • Assist the Team Leader in the timely provision of reports and deliverables;
  • Lead the value chain finance product development activities;
  • Lead and coordinate the capacity building measures for final intermediaries

Qualifications and skills

  • University Degree in Economics, Law, Banking, Business Administration, or related disciplines; good analytical and reasoning skills and the capacity to provide sound judgement concerning the issues in his/her area of expertise;
  • Computer literacy.

General professional experience

  • 8 years of relevant professional experience in working with value chain finance in financial intermediaries (preferably in a development setting).

Specific professional experience

  • Proven experience in at least two of the following fields:
  • Development of financial products and services for the benefit of value chains at financial institutions.
  • Development of operative models for value chain finance at financial institutions.
  • Development of risk management tools for value chain finance at financial institutions.
  • Development of training / capacity building plans for financial institutions in the area of value chain finance or SME finance.
  • Delivery of training / capacity building measures to financial institutions in the area of value chain finance and/or SME finance.
  • Implementing innovative technologies for value chain finance, such as Fintech solutions.

Language skills

  • Fluency in written and spoken English and French is essential; knowledge of the Arab language would be an advantage.
Start / Duration: 

The Location of the Assignment will be Morocco and Tunisia. A minimum of 85% of the working days shall be spent in the Partner Countries.

The period of implementation of the Assignment is 36 months from the date of signature of the contract with an total input of 660 workingd days for the Expert

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