Turkey_Technical assistance for Establishment of ‘Malatya Dried Apricot Licensed Warehouse and Exchange’

The purposes of the contract are:

  • to establish and develop the institutional capacity of Dried Apricot Licensed Warehousing Enterprise (DALWE) and Authorized Classifier Company (ACLC) to deliver value to the local economy in a financial and institutional sustainable manner,
  • to improve existing institutional capacity of Malatya Commodity Exchange (CEXCH) to function as Exchange (EXCH) in accordance with dried apricot licensed warehousing legislation of Turkey in a financial and institutional sustainable manner,
  • to improve competitiveness of Malatya dried apricot market, — to develop capacity of target groups to benefit from Malatya Dried Apricot Licensed Warehouse and Exchange (DALWEXCH).

The Team Leader shall be responsible for the overall coordination and organisation of project activities, including inter alia:

  • Maintaining fulltime presence in Turkey, at ·the duty station, during the lifespan of the project;
  • Preparing the technical parts of the contractual reports, such as the inception report, progress reports (as required by these ToR), and final report, by obtaining inputs from key and non-key experts;
  • Preparing, in cooperation with the other member of the technical assistance team, the work plans and resource schedules, and identify the profiles of the non-key experts to be mobilised by the Contractor;
  • Proposing and agreeing with ERA on, non-key experts, and supervising their work;
  • Reviewing the technical reports and "proposals to be produced by the key and non-key experts and assure quality and coherence of reports;
  • Representing the project at key project-relevant events and meetings;
  • Monitoring the progress of the project on a daily basis against the agreed upon time plans, and report possible deviations from the agreed upon time plans and resource schedules to the beneficiary;
  • Reporting to the SRER;
  • Performing quality checks of project implementation processes and outputs;
  • Diligently using the project budget securing value for money;
  • Ensuring good communication with key project stakeholders.
  • On top of his/her project management responsibilities, the Team Leader is expected to directly contribute to development of business plan, providing his/her technical expertise at least in the framework of the activities under “Component A – Operationalization of the Malatya DALWE and ALC”.



Qualifications and skills

  • Bachelor’s degree in any field.
  • Master's degree and/or PhD degree in economics or business administration is an asset.
  • Very good command of English according to CV template (speaking, reading and writing).

General professional experience

  • Peferably 15 years but a minimum of 10 years professional experience following the attainment of a Bachelor' s or higher degree.

Specific professional experience

  • Preferably 10 years but a minimum of 7 years’ experience in local/regional development and/or SME development and/or private sector development.
  • Experience as a team leader/project manager/program manager in at least one project/programme (only the references indicating uninterrupted 1 ·year or more experience will be considered acceptable).
  • Experience in establishment and/or management of a licensed warehouse and/or commodity exchange is an asset.
Start / Duration: 

The intended starting date is November 2020 and the period of implementation will be 30 month from this date. The iput for the Team Leader are 520 wd 

please send your most recent CV to: