Tanzania_Simiyu Climate Resilience Project

The Simiyu Region is largely affected by climate change. Impacts include profound changes in water availability, temperature stresses to people, livestock and crops, changes in public health, farming practices, income, food security and ecology. Climate models predict a further intensification of dry seasons, but also unpredictable intense rains and floods, posing a significant threat to livelihoods, especially amongst the poor. The Simiyu Climate Resilience Project has the objective to increase the climate resilience of rural and urban households, particularly small-scale farmers and women living in the Simiyu
Region, and to improve policies and regulations for cross-sectoral action towards climate change adaptation.

Climate-smart agriculture measures will be carried out in the whole Simiyu Region (all five districts). An open demand driven and participatory approach will be applied to strengthen local farmer’s capacities to adapt to the changing environment. Vulnerable and poor people as well as women are to be involved in decision making. Measures up to EUR 350,000 are being financed through a disposition fund; measures above that ceiling will be financed through direct disbursement to contractors. Planned investments include:

  • Construction of small dams for water harvesting (around 20 dams of different sizes);
  • Small-scale irrigation system, e.g. drip irrigation (for around 1,700 ha)
  • Support to the provision of climate resilient seeds (around EUR 100,000, 1,500 ha);
  • Expansion of forests (3,700 ha) and areas under Ngitili management (10,000 ha)


  • Preferably an M.Sc. in an area relevant for the project

General experience:

  • Profound experience in internationally funded projects
  • Profound project experience in the region woul mean an asset
  • at least 5 years overall working experience

Specific experience:

  •  >4 years experience as expert in construction projects, mainly in the water sector, small scale irrigtaion and / or climate smart agriculture 
  • Demonstrated experience in institutional and capacity development knowledge and experience


Start / Duration: 

The Simiyu Climate Resilience Project is planned to be carried out in a maximum of five years and in any case needs to be implemented before August 9, 2025.

Please send you most recent CV to: