Myanmar_Capacity Building and Climate Smart Agriculture Training Consultants

The Climate-Friendly Agribusiness Value Chains Sector Project supports implementing the government’s Agriculture Development Strategy (ADS), 2018-2023 and the National Export Strategy, 2015-2019 by boosting competitiveness in value chains for rice, beans, pulses, and oilseeds in the Magway, Mandalay, and Sagaing regions in the Central Dry Zone (CDZ). The project will increase climate resilience for critical rural infrastructure, promote quality and safety testing capacity, strengthen technical and institutional capacity for climate smart agriculture (CSA), and create an enabling policy environment for climate-friendly agribusinesses. The project will reduce food insecurity and rural poverty, increase smallholders’ incomes and access to markets, and improve resource efficiency and environmental sustainability for agribusinesses.

The project aims to create an enabling environment that reduces the incidence of poverty, malnutrition, and food insecurity among the rural poor. The project is aligned with the following impact: agricultural competitiveness improved. The project will have the following outcome: productive and resource-efficient agribusiness value chains in project areas developed.

Scope of Work.

The specialist will assist the Department of Agriculture Land Management and Statistics (DALMS), in partnership with the Land Use Division of the Department of Agriculture (DOA), to develop a planning tool to select up to 200 villages clustered in village tracts to deliver inputs and facilitation services, covering both locations for irrigation development in the alluvial plains, and upland areas for improved rainfed agriculture and livestock production.

Detailed Tasks.

The specialist will assist DALMS to:

  • Produce at least 6 township land management plans to: (a) Identify and program land administration interventions at township level (identification of available unused and suitable VFV land and state-owned land for possible re-allocation; needs for further land use certification and tenure regularization – grazing lands, fishponds; de- gasketing of occupied reserved forests; establishment of community forests; etc.); and (b) Select up to three Village Tracts for each township for project specific land administrative interventions (institutional capacity building for village development committees and Village Tract Administrative Body of Farmland, village planning, land tenure regularization, capacity building).
  • Establishing regional/township crop suitability for on and off-season production for a selection of relevant crops under different inputs scenarios.
  • Build capacity to validate, strategize and implement participatory township land management plans produced at the national level.
  • Assist in the development of related staff training products.
  • Masters in land management planning or geography;
  • At least 7 years’ experience, for international. in the development and application of land planning and management systems in emerging economies. 
Start / Duration: 

The Capacity Building and Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) project duration will be 60 months. The experts will be based in Nay Pyi Taw with field visits by its team, as required for the services, to project locations within Myanmar.

Start is open

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