Innovation expert German-Argentinean dialogue on innovations for a sustainable, climate and environmentally friendly agricultural economy

The object of the project is to provide targeted advice to the Argentine Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries (MAGyP) in the area of innovations for the promotion of a sustainable, environmentally and climate-friendly future-oriented agricultural economy. In particular, this involves the development of political recommendations for action in the area of institutional innovation promotion, advice on the establishment of an AgTech platform, the organisation of innovation competitions and dialogue events at national and provincial level, scientific expert exchanges and targeted expert assignments. In addition, innovations are to be disseminated between experts from both countries and applied on a pilot basis in research institutes and selected enterprises.

The expert dialogue comprises three result areas (EB).

EB 1 focuses on advising the MAGyP on the institutional framework conditions for innovation promotion.

EB 2 advises the Ministry on the systemic and organisational development, establishment and institutional anchoring of an AgTech platform with the involvement of private-sector and scientific actors. In this context, a help desk and topic- and technology-specific working groups are being set up and innovation events organised.

In EB 3, the focus is on supporting research cooperation for the dissemination of innovations in sustainable agricultural production and use systems. German and Argentinean applied research institutions play a central role here. In this context, the project works together with the Argentine Institute for Agricultural Technology (INTA). The aim is primarily to disseminate knowledge on the practical application of innovations, not to directly promote research.

The innovation specialist provides technical support to the team leader, in particular in the Result areas 2 and 3:

  • Supporting the lead specialist in the performance of their tasks
  • Contact and exchange management with private sector actors; especially with start-ups and established companies in the field of Innovation
  • Liaison with representatives and representatives of the Argentine scientific institutions in the in the field of sustainable, climate environmentally friendly agricultural systems
  • Initiation of contacts to relevant scientific institutions, think tanks, NGOs and international international organisations for proactive programme design
  • Liaison with representatives of the and representatives of the Argentine agribusiness network and other relevant actors of civil society
  • Organisation and support of short-term experts in their scientific work



Necessary minimum requirements / exclusion criteria

  • Completed university studies (Master's degree or equivalent)
  • Several years (five years or more) of professional experience
  • Very good knowledge of Spanish and at least a good command of spoken and written English or German

Other qualifications / experience that will be positively considered in the evaluation (an advantage)

Professional background

  • University degree and/or doctorate in agricultural sciences or equivalent
  • Several years (three years or more) of professional experience in the field of innovation promotion
  • Experience in working with Argentinean scientific institutes in the field of agricultural research
  • Experience in working with companies including start-ups or processing companies in the agri-food sector
  • Knowledge of the institutional environment of Argentina's agribusiness landscape, particularly in the context of innovation and agricultural technology
  • Experience of working in an international environment, especially in cooperation with Germany and/or the EU Regional expertise and language skills
  • Professional experience in Germany or the EU
  • Professional experience in Argentina
  • Good command of written and spoken German or English

Methodological skills

  • Experience in preparing studies / recommendations for action
  • Expertise in dealing with different stakeholders and in multi-actor management
  • Very good networking skills, moderation, communication and presentation skills as well as the ability to develop and initialise creative solutions
Start / Duration: 

The project is planned to run for 3 years with a target start date of 11/2021. The location is Buenos Aires, Argentina

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