Ethiopia_ EU-Coffee Action for Ethiopia (EU-CAfE) Project

The aim of this Service is to provide direct technical support to the beneficiaries (Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority, ECTA; (Oromia Coffee and Tea Authority; Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Region Coffee, Tea and Spices Authority; Amhara Bureau of Agriculture and Natural Resources and, Jimma Agricultural Research Centre) under the EU-CAfE project.

The project aims to support smallholder coffee producers, processors, traders & their organizations to improve productivity, quality with focus on specialty and traceable coffees, value chain development and trade transparency through public-private partnerships and dialogues. The aim is to increase smallholder producers and other value chain actors' fair share of income and for the country to benefit much more from coffee trade. Further the project also will:

  • pilot the identification of selected Ethiopian coffee types through Geographic Indications (GIs);
  • install and operationalize information Technology (IT) system;
  • and establish interactive extension management system for Ethiopian Coffees.

The expected outcomes of the project embrace:

  • improved extension services to increase farmers' skills for productivity, quality and processing; improved farmers' access to high quality inputs and technologies;
  • increased availability of processing and grading capabilities for high quality coffees and increased flow of market information;
  • integration of innovative solutions and technologies from coffee research and extension for higher yield and high quality;
  • establishing and capacitating strategic public-private stakeholders coordination and dialogue platforms and ensure functionality;
  • and strengthened of Federal and regional coffee authorities' planning and management capacities.

The TA team, under close supervision of the ECTA, will assist the planning and implementation, ensuring compliance with EDF procedures and regulations, proper financial and project management and coordination under the grant and will engage in, GI and IT system (interactive coffee web page and web-based coffee extension system) development, establishment of a dialogue platform, and support monitoring and reporting on project implementation.


Qualification and skills

  • A University degree in agricultural science/economics/business administration or a relevant, directly related technical field;
  • Good team management, interpersonal, facilitation and networking skills;
  • Excellent communication skills in written and spoken English and proven ability to draft high quality reports and communication notes;
  • Fully computer literate

General professional experience

  • The Team Leader and the Key experts are expected to have at least 15 years’ experience in development project implementation of which at least 7 years are in agricultural value chains development;
  • Specific professional experience;
  • Knowledge of EDF procedures, project cycle management and contract management;
  • Profound experience in project management and sound managerial and technical aspects;
  • Profound experience in designing and managing agricultural and private sector development projects
Start / Duration: 

Open, this project is still in the forecast and the scope of activties and the timeframe will be updated accordingly   

Please send your most recent CV to: Thank you!