China_Agrotechnology Demonstration Park – DCALDP-Project

The development objective of the project is to support the development of Chinese agriculture through further training and demonstrations in the field of modern, sustainable plant production.

The aim of the project is to provide managers and employees of the Chinese agricultural sector with practical knowledge on sustainable agricultural methods and modern agricultural technology through further training and demonstrations in DCALDP and to apply this knowledge.

The aim of the project is to test sustainable and economically viable agricultural methods using modern agricultural machinery and equipment on trial fields and to present modified agricultural methods based on local methods on the demonstration areas. Managers and employees of farms of SKIAD Holding and of other farms and organisations/companies in China receive training in DCALDP (from SKIAD and project staff) in adapted sustainable farming methods and the use of modern agricultural technology. DCALDP (on Huanghai Farm) works as a platform from SKIAD to disseminate knowledge and experience on sustainable farming methods and modern agricultural technology and is able to disseminate this knowledge and experience beyond the boundaries of SKIAD Holding.

The target group of the project are managers and employees of farms of the SKIAD Group as well as of other agricultural enterprises, especially personnel from the field of plant cultivation and agricultural engineering.


The national long-term expert focuses on activities in the field of dissemination of knowledge and experience and - depending on the qualification profile - supports the implementation of experiments and demonstrations (including data collection/analysis) or the planning, coordination and implementation of training measures. LZF 3 also acts as a technical link between Huanghai Farm and the project team. LZF 3 also supports the team leadership in the cooperation with the German and European economic partners.

To perform its tasks, LZF has the following qualifications (minimum requirements, exclusion criteria):

  • Completed university studies (at least Bachelor);
  • At least 5 years of professional experience;
  • Very good knowledge of Chinese

The following qualifications/experiences are considered positively in the evaluation (advantageous):

  • Studied agricultural science, economics or mechanical engineering (focus on agricultural engineering);
  • Several years (3 years or more) of professional experience in agriculture with a focus on arable farming and the use of modern agricultural technology;
  • Several years (2 years or more) of professional experience in the field of agricultural consultancy, education and training in the field of arable farming or agricultural technology;
  • Initial experience/knowledge of international cooperation (in the context of projects or economic activities)
  • Intercultural Competence;
  • Good knowledge of English or German
Start / Duration: 

The project is from 02/2019 to probably 31.07.2021, with a one-year extension option.

The location for the operation is the Huanghai Farm of SKIAD Holding. The farm is located in Dayouzhen and is 1.5 hours drive from three cities (Yancheng, Huai'an, Lianyungang) with airports. 

The location for further measures (e.g. dissemination of information, training, events) can be anywhere in China.

Please send your most recent CV to :