Support to SME in Tajikistan (Advice to Business Associations)

The objective of the project has been to support Business Development Service providers to improve their organisation, work concepts, staff qualification, and service portfolio.

The project achieved the following result:

  • The public-private dialogue has been strengthened.
  • Business associations operate under more sustainable conditions and improved their service and advocacy capacities in quality and reach.
  • Professional business development service (BDS) providers operate under more sustainable conditions and have their service portfolio improved in quality and reach.

Services provided include:

  • Setting-up and strengthening a public-private dialogue.
  • Establishment of and further support to the apex association  “Centre for Association Support and Excellence" (CASE), research activities and economic analysis for the food sector.
  • Development of business and farmer-based associations in Sogd and GBAO regions.
  • Developing nation-wide agricultural extension services.
  • Support cotton production, e.g. by procurement of new seeds varieties from Turkey, providing extension services to farmers and support international marketing of cotton.
  • Supporting the elaboration and implementation of a nation-wide government strategy to improve framework conditions for developing the fruit and vegetable sector and implementing this strategy with major players including governmental bodies, donor projects, business associations, processing companies and the farmers.
  • In the framework of the fruit and vegetable value chain approach training needed local/regional specialists as well as supporting selected companies, farmers and other stakeholders.
  • Supporting women-headed micro-enterprises in Sogd through “nucleus-approach”.
  • Development of SMEs engaging in production and sales of energy- and water-saving technologies in GBAO such as thermal insulation, improved heating and cooking system, solar water heaters, etc.
  • Supporting craftsman in order to use workshop facilities for the jointly production of window profiles.
  • Supporting production and marketing of energy saving products in other areas of Tajikistan.