Spatial planning project oriented towards the environment in areas affected by the conflict / Environment and Peace Project (AmPaz)

Field of Action 3 Development of financing mechanisms for the sustainable management of natural resources

With the signing of the peace agreement between the government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) in November 2016, Colombia has the opportunity to promote the protection and sustainable use of previously inaccessible ecosystems. The challenge now is to avoid uncontrolled settlements, coca cultivation, illegal mining and other unsustainable economic activities. At the same time, long-term income and employment opportunities must be created, for example in agriculture or tourism, and access to markets and infrastructure measures must be encouraged without destroying natural livelihoods.

The consultancy services of the GOPA/AFC consortium relate to the development of financing mechanisms for the sustainable management of natural resources. A key obstacle to local application of sustainable natural resource management approaches is limited access to loans and financing models. Many promising business models are currently being funded by international and national donors as part of programmes and projects. However, they are only sustainable if producers can implement and replicate these models independently of subsidies.

  • On the one hand, at least two models of financial services directly accessible to the local population or target group will be developed or adapted to the local context for socially, ecologically and economically sustainable management measures based on natural resources, so that local producers can use them as beneficiaries or recipients of services.
  • On the other hand, innovative financing opportunities for natural resource-based sustainable management measures should be identified and made known so that they can be used by local or national financial institutions, government institutions, multiplier organizations or relevant core groups, to promote projects or programme ideas or leverage funds for relevant business models

Services provided

  • Development of strategies and outlook for cooperation
  • Development of financing mechanisms and capacity building
  • Implementation and sustainability of financial instruments