Institutional Strengthening Programme for Agricultural and Pastoral Resilience in Mauritania (ISPAPRM)

The objective of the ISPAPRM is to support the improvement of the resilience of vulnerable populations to food and nutrition insecurity. While it seeks specifically at strengthening the governance in the area of equitable access and sustainable management of resources in the context of climate change.

ISPAPRM comprises 5 components:

  • Strengthening the physical and material capacities of the Departments of Agriculture and Farming  (equipment and work).
  • Supporting the strengthening of capacities in the field of policies and strategies, of monitoring and evaluation, and of information systems on the basis of a convention with the AECID.
  • The strengthening of capacities in the way of training and research on the basis of a Convention with GIZ.
  • Improving governance in the area of equitable access, and the sustainable management of resources (4 consortia of NGOS in the Wilaya of Assaba, Guidimakha, Hodh El Chargui, Hodh El Gharbi).
  • Technical Assistance (TA) in support of the two departments for the coordination and supervision of components 2, 3, and 4, which the grouping IRAM/AFC/UCAD is in charge of. 

Serrvices provided include

  • coordination, supervision, monitoring of the activities of the different interventions of the programme, ISPAPRM;
  • development of investment plans for the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of the Farming;
  • establishment and support of a platform of inclusive dialogues between the various state and non-state actors;
  • development and implementation of a methodology for the monitoring and evaluation of the ISPAPRM studies, analysis, ad hoc exchanges, and tools provided to the actors of the ISPAPRM;
  • establishment of a system for the participatory management of crises and emergencies, which is inclusive and adapted, implemented in the four Willaya;
  • coordination with all other programmes of the institutional and operational communication sector of the programmes- various potential services requested by the MA or ME validated by the DUE.