German-Ukrainian Cooperation in Organic Agriculture (COA) – Phase II


Development objective: The Ukrainian organic agriculture sector has expanded and the quality of the produce has improved.

Project objective: Competencies and institutional structures for the advanced development of organic agriculture have been enhanced.

Services to be provided include but are not limited to:

  • Baseline study on operational characteristics of organic farms in the Ukraine.
  • Further education concept for practitioners, including basic knowledge and special topics.
  • Hands-on training opportunities in cooperation with Ukrainian agricultural farms.
  • Analysis of existing curricula, study regulations, curricula and material from agricultural colleges and universities on organic farming.
  • Training concepts for agricultural colleges and universities.
  • Training of teaching staff and private advisors.
  • Analysis of the possibilities for creating new study programmes and degrees in the field of organic farming.
  • Participation in symposia and conferences to exchange ideas with science, practice and policy.
  • Study tour to Germany about qualification in organic farming as well as certification and accredition.
  • Trainings for agricultural administrations, establishing of regional clusters for advice and training.
  • Support MAPE to establish a system of approval and control of certifiers.