German-Moroccan Dialogue on Agriculture and Forestry (DIAF) - Component 3 Forestry planning and control

Project objective:

The legal and institutional framework conditions for the promotion and monitoring of organic agricultural production, for the further development of inter-operation cooperation in the agricultural and forestry sector and for sustainable, multifunctional forest management have been improved and contribute to the sustainable use of natural resources.

Component 3:

Objective: The sustainable and multifunctional management and valorization of forestry resources in Morocco is proven to have risen.

  • Result 1:  A modernized traceability system for improved valorization of cedar wood has been introduced in Morocco.
  • Result 2:  The introduction of a classical forest inventory procedure is prepared as a basis for the management planning of the cedar forests in Morocco.
  • Result 3:  The thinning and harvesting methods used in Ifrane National Park are in line with silvicultural treatment concepts to promote quality and growth.
  • Result 4:  Local valorization of cedar wood has increased in the province of Ifrane.