Agricultural Development Programme (PDA): Intervention Area 3 „Set-up and Support to Service Providers“ (Phase 1+2)

The Project supports small and medium enterprises (SME) as well as producer and processor associations in their capabilities to provide demand-oriented service.

In particular, the new services offered should address the specific needs of women, who are primarily involved in processing and marketing. Products that have been tested in the first phase, such as the approach Farmer Business School (FBS) at producer level, or the inclusive business model approach for SME and business start-ups in processing and trade, will be prepared as service packages. The development of financial services (e.g. warehouse receipt systems, digital finance services, pre-financing in outgrower schemes) initiated during the first phase are continued and expanded. Furthermore, the establishment of new services is being promoted according to the needs of the individual value chain stakeholders. Already existing cost-efficient, resource-saving, climate-friendly or income- and productivity-enhancing methods and instruments will be adapted to the local context, then tested and disseminated in the form of service packages.

Services provided include:

  1. Analysis of available and demanded services within the three value chains.

  2. Support the preparation of a strategy for the development of public and private service provision.

  3. Adaption of existing and development of new innovative service packages, including: a) basic training services (Farmer Business School), b) specific services for contract farming, processing, quality management, etc., and c) financial services.

  4. Support service providers in the development of sustainable business models for marketing and disseminating their services.

  5. Capacity development of selected service providers (cooperatives, lead farmers, associations, financial services) for a sustainable delivery of services.