Technical Advisor Value Chain Development_Value chain and market system development in fruits and vegetables sector

The German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development has commissioned the three years programme “Green Economy and Sustainable Private Sector Development in Kyrgyzstan” (GESPSD) which started in June 2020 and will last until May 2023. The GIZ Programme “Promotion of Sustainable Economic Development in Kyrgyzstan”, which was the predecessor of the GESPSD, supported private sector development in promoting value chain development, implementing elements of Green Economy and creating framework conditions at the macro level. In 2018 it also supported the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic through the Ministry of Economy in the development of its national Green Economy Programme. The current module of the GESPSD contributes to the implementation of the government’s Green Economy Programme.
The overall objective of the GESPSD is to improve the employment situation in tourism, livestock farming and the fruit and vegetable sectors through the use of Green Economy approaches. The new programme intends to engage all three levels (macro: implementation of green economic policies as output 1; meso: provision of services and other support for MSMEs as output 2; micro: awareness raising among general population on the benefits of using green products and services – as output 3).

The main areas of activities are capacity development of local producers and entrepreneurs, the creation of linkages between value chain actors including international/regional traders and capacity building of business support organizations, farmers & business associations and formal and informal structures that bring local producers and entrepreneurs together.

• Responsibility for the topic of value chain development and the public private dialogues in the project regions
• Responsibility for providing inputs in view of capacity building for local service provider on technicalities of increasing production in respective value chains
• Responsibility for conducting assessments in the selected value chains and conducting assessments to identify key bottleneck preventing the sector to sustainably attain economic growth
• Advisory services on agricultural technologies, resource efficiency and upgrading strategies within the value chain
• Responsibility for the achievement of results in a) the systematic promotion of organic farming/food products b) promotion of the organic fruits VC in Jalal-Abad and other regions of Kyrgyztan in close cooperation with GIZ project staff including monitoring and inputs to reporting through
• Contribution to the realisation of synergies between the activities and addressed value chains


• Educational background (MSc or comparable – e.g. ‘Diplom’) in agriculture or economics (section 2.3.1. of the assessment grid)
• Fluency in English, Russian and Kyrgyz/Uzbek (section 2.3.2. of the assessment grid)
• Ten years of professional experience in agricultural value chain and rural development (section 2.3.3. of the assessment grid)
• Five years experience in organic farming/organic food production and promotion (section 2.3.4. of the assessment grid)
• Ten years professional experience in Central Asia (section 2.2.6. of the assessment grid)
• Five years experience in technical cooperation projects (section 2.2.7. of the assessment grid)

Start / Duration: 

The contract period is 24 months from award of contract.

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