Expert on Green practices in agriculture_Value chain promotion in Livestock and Tourism in Kyrgyz Republic

The objective of the programme “Green Economy and Sustainable Private Sector Development in Kyrgyzstan” is to increase long-term employment and better income opportunities in the context of sustainable economic development for men and women and for all population groups, especially young people, and including people with disabilities and members of ethnic minorities.

The objective of this module is to improve the employment situation in the tourism, livestock farming and fruit and vegetable sectors through the use of green economic approaches.

The target group consists of the owners, managers and employees of MSMEs, including agricultural enterprises, operating in the tourism, livestock and fruit and vegetable sectors. The project focuses on the regions of Issyk-Kul in the east the country and Osh in the south. The three sectors combined with the two priority regions comprise the area of intervention. The project will pay particular attention to women, young people (aged from 14 to 34) and people with disabilities.

Tasks of the expert Expert on Green practices in agriculture:

  • Responsibility for overall integration of green practices along the Livestock VCs and the achievement of results in the topic of green practices implementation (monitoring, inputs to reporting) which are part of the tender;
  • Responsibility for the review of existing training modules/materials which relates to green practices and development of comprehensive training modules and methodology as a basis for training of different VC’s actors;
  • Responsibility for interactions with the National Research Institute, local consultants on the issues of green practices and “greening of value chains”;
  • Consultancy and advise to the GIZ programme experts and programme partners on the issues of green practices implementation in Livestock VCs; close work on promotion and raising awareness of benefits of implemented green practices along the Livestock VCs;
  • Building cooperation with experts & service providers;
  • Establishing pool of experts: finding relevant experts; building cooperation structure between experts and the VC’s actors;
  • Support in obtaining best available technologies/practices for better prices;
  • To organize a fee-based approach on adoption of green practices.
  • University degree (bachelor’s/master’s) in agriculture, natural resourse management, veterinary;
  • Knowledge of Russian (C2); knowledge of English (B2);
  • 8 years of professional experience in the implementation of green practices (resource and energy efficiency, waste management, water consumption reduction etc)/green standards;
  • 5 years of professional experience in piloting resource efficiency practices in livestock or torism sectors;
  • 5 years of experience working on DC projects
Start / Duration: 

Contract period is from April 2021 till April/May 2023

Expert days in total: 260


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