Ethiopia - Expert for association promotion in the agricultural sector and capacity Development for associations

Agriculture and a diversified rural economy play a key role in the Ethiopian economy. Currently, agriculture employs about two-thirds of the total population and contributes about one-third of the gross domestic product (manufacturing industries about 25 %, service sector about 40 %). As a result of difficult access to technical and entrepreneurial advisory services, modern inputs, modern mechanisation and financing opportunities, most smallholder farmers in Ethiopia work with outdated technologies and are only marginally productive.

Despite initial successes in the implementation of AGTP II, the national Ministry of Agriculture and the national organisations involved are not yet sufficiently capable of implementing a private sector-oriented agricultural policy based on the value chain approach, as well as favourable
framework conditions for the commercialisation of smallholder farmers and for the growth of upstream and downstream agro-industries. In addition, the implementation of support measures at regional level is not yet sufficiently geared to the needs and potentials of smallholder farmers and MSMEs in the agricultural and food sector. As a result, income and employment potentials along rural value chains remain unused (core problem). The TC module aims to improve the income and employment situation of actors in agricultural value chains in selected rural regions (module objective).

Tasks of the expert 

  • Strengthening of the business associations in the agricultural sector involved in the project;
  • Development and implementation of a capacity development strategy for strengthening the cooperating business associations in the agricultural sector;
  • Strengthening the Ethiopian national chamber of commerce, including strengthening its coordinating role;
  • Strengthening the service orientation of the business associations.



  • University degree (Diplom/Master) in the field of economics or social sciences; agricultural sciences;
  • Language skills in English, C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages;
  • 15 years of professional experience in ESC promotion and capacity development;
  • 15 years of professional experience in association promotion and/or capacity development for associations and/or organisational development and/or promotion of service orientation of associations;
  • 5 years of experience in DC projects.


Start / Duration: 


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